Monday, July 20, 2009

Back From WorldFest

Hi all! Just a quick howdy. We're back from WorldFest with pages of notes, some new CDs, lots of pictures and a bunch of short vids. Its gonna take several days of inventing new adjectives to describe how much fun we had! So keep a watch for the finish of my Live Oak reviews, reports from the Kate Wolf Festival and now from WorldFest, where I think I discovered a star in the making! And also watch for some news about this blog itself, I think we may have some exciting exclusives coming up!!!! Details coming soon!


  1. Waiting with bated breath...!

  2. Better than with baited breath, what happens when you eat sushi......I'm thrilled you're anxious to hear more, content galore coming soon, but first, tomorrow, a visit from Erik takes precedence, we'll take some pics and send them or put them up on FB