Saturday, July 11, 2009

Housekeeping and a Dilemma

Just a few quick housekeeping notes. I have added some pictures and a couple short video segments. These are obviously unedited due to time and talent restrictions. I hope to improve their presentation through editing, cropping, zooming. etc. But I wanted to get some up before we leave town again. You can click on them for bigger size , which helps.
Almost all the photos are by my talented and lovely wife, Becky Glenn, with a couple by me braving the crowd for a better vantage point. Trust me, her photos are much better than my presentation reveals. I'll try to give her pics better editing and proper photo credits when I learn how.
Because I have added pics and vids I have restricted how many load up at once. Its now set for 3 posts per page. Let me know what you think. Also the comments thing should now allow anyone to comment without registering or anything, though I will preview them before they appear, to cut out spam and porn, etc.
And you see I took a little break in format to include the Playing for Change and Joan Baez concerts on the Santa Monica Pier. Well its my party and I'll cry if I want to!
Tonight we're off to the first house concert since I started this. John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley at the Duncan House Concert right in Ventura about 5 miles from home. They'll play both solo and together doing "All Wood and Stones" the CD they made together revisiting the songs of the early Rolling Stones done SoCal acoustic style.
We'll try to get pics and get a review up before we go to WorldFest. Its a real dilemma, having so much fun there's no time to write about how much fun we're having! It's just hectic in festival season!


  1. er, is that Batdorf as in Batdorf and Rodney?

  2. the very one! I'm about to start my review, if you were a B&R fan you'll want to catch up with John. Still incredible! Details and links coming!