Sunday, July 5, 2009

Why is there air?

My apologies to the Cos for stealing the title of this post, but I thought I might start this off with a brief explanation as to the what and why of this blog. If you're reading this anywhere near approaching real time, you either already know me or you just got really,really lucky. I've had a life-long interest in live music. In addition to being an amateur musician, I have spent time professionally running bars and nightclubs and have also spent some time being a booking agent ( all this was back in the Hartford,Conn. area ). In the last several years, my wife, Becky and I have been attending houseconcerts and music festivals here in California. If you are like most people and haven't heard about houseconcerts, well they are just what they sound like. Folks open their homes for performers to appear there, with all money from the door going to the musicians. It is all a labor of love for the folks doing it, if anything it costs them money. Recently it occurred to me that, while there are great sites promoting houseconcerts, no one seemed to be reviewing them on a regular basis. Well, I'm stepping up to fill that niche. I plan on doing reviews of not only the houseconcert shows we see, but also of the venues themselves, as we find there are notable differences between them. The same thing applies to music festivals, I will be reviewing the festivals themselves, the locations, the kind of crowds, facilities, etc, as well as reviewing the music itself. And since we are just back from consecutive music festivals, I will be starting with their reviews first, I hope to have my first installment up in the next day or so. I'm not sure where this will all lead or whether anyone will actually read it, but here goes nothing!

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  1. I am looking forward to more reportage on venues, experiences, where to camp, eat, stay, park & other suggestions for the uninitiated.

    After an event you attend, hope you can share what type of music works best at each venue and /or house concert, and what type of people show up for same.. like if it was family oriented, pets allowed, or if it is more hard core dead heads, phish heads, expect a contact high etc etc.

    Will you be trolling for people to post information about upcoming local house concerts, or is this less of a heads up blog and more of an "as I experienced it" /informational site?

    I love that you are offering this for audiophiles!!!
    Good stuff! Thank you!